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Avoid legal pitfalls for your business from day one   A common characteristic of entrepreneurs is the attitude: “I’m not going to do that until I  absolutely  have to.” And it’s understandable why: with limited time and resources it seems logical to focus on tasks like product development, production, marketing, and delivery—the ones that get your product or service out into the marketplace. The last thing you want to do is spend money and effort on legal issues, which is why they often drop to the bottom of the pile. But this can be a costly mistake—and  Go Legal Yourself  is here to make sure it’s one you avoid.  Attorney, inventor, and businesswoman—named Top Woman Entrepreneur by  LA Dreams Magazine  in 2017—Kelly Bagla knows about doing business from both the entrepreneurial and legal sides of the fence. And in  Go Legal Yourself,  she guides you through the four key legal lifecycle phases every business experiences—and sets you up for worry-free success from day one. Establish yourself as the correct legal entity  Gather and complete the relevant documentation Protect your brand Identify and avoid common (and expensive) pitfalls Plan and manage growth, enter new markets, and keep a sharp competitive edge Wherever you are with your business, this book is your guarantee you have all your legal ducks in a row—and that no nasty legal surprises stand between you and your target: success.

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