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Roderick Smith W. - Linux Essentials краткое содержание

A unique, full-color introduction to Linux fundamentals Serving as a low-cost, secure alternative to expensive operating systems, Linux is a UNIX-based, open source operating system. Full-color and concise, this beginner's guide takes a learning-by-doing approach to understanding the essentials of Linux. Each chapter begins by clearly identifying what you will learn in the chapter, followed by a straightforward discussion of concepts that leads you right into hands-on tutorials. Chapters conclude with additional exercises and review questions, allowing you to reinforce and measure your understanding. Offers a hands-on approach to acquiring a foundation of Linux skills, aiming to ensure Linux beginners gain a solid understanding Uses the leading Linux distribution Fedora to demonstrate tutorials and examples Addresses Linux installation, desktop configuration, management of files and filesystems, remote administration, security, and more This book is essential reading for anyone entering the world of Linux!

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