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Jo Stichbury - The Accredited Symbian Developer Primer краткое содержание

This new book, first in the Academy series, is the official guide to the ASD exam, priming candidates for the exam, explaining exactly what they need to know. The Primer explains the knowledge tested in the Accredited Symbian Developer exam, identifying and explaining the topics examined. Each of the exam's objectives is succinctly described, with the appropriate concepts explained in detail. Both standard C++ and topics specific to Symbian C++, such as Symbian Types and Declarations, Platform Secuirty, and Cleanup Stack, are covered. The authors are experts in the field of Symbian C++ and contributed extensively to the design and creation of questions for the ASD exam. Jo Stichbury is the author of Symbian OS Explained and both authors are, of course, fully qualified Accredited Symbian Developers.

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