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Optimal nutrition is difficult to achieve. Insufficient energy and nutrient intake leads to inadequate growth, whereas too much can result in increased risk of non-communicable diseases (mainly obesity) and may adversely affect children with chronic diseases. Our understanding of the pathophysiology of inappropriate growth and the pathways involved in optimal and catch-up growth is constantly evolving. There is also new data emerging on the role of genes and the interaction between nutrition and epigenetic changes involved in growth, as well as on the interplay between nutrition and growth factors and hormones in health and disease states. In this latest yearbook, noted specialists present leading studies related to various aspects of nutrition and growth published between July 2017 and June 2018. Each study is summarized, with comments, providing additional and helpful views of interpretation. The book will provide useful and valuable information for health care providers, physicians, nurses, dieticians, scientists, and anyone else interested in nutrition.

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