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The world of charcuterie is at your fingertips Even if you’ve never cooked a slab of bacon in your life, you can prepare sausage and cured meats at home! In Charcuterie for Dummies , you’ll learn everything you could possibly need to get started, from choosing the right gear and finding quality raw ingredients, all the way through taking your parties to the next level with epic charcuterie boards. Salami, bacon, prosciutto, and good-old-fashioned sausage are all on the menu with Charcuterie for Dummies . Author and meat master Mark LaFay will help you keep things safe and sanitary, equip you with some seriously awesome recipes, and teach you a thing or two about which beers and wines to serve up with your meat. Choose a chapter and get started! Get started curing meats at home with the highest quality raw ingredients, equipment, and recipes Make everything from sausage and bacon to prosciutto, salami, and more Learn how to pair your homemade meats with jams, nuts, cheeses, and pickles for epic charcuterie boards Take your new hobby to the next level with more advanced recipes and beverage pairings Whether you’re a total beginner or coming in with some previous knowledge, Charcuterie for Dummies will unleash your culinary creativity!

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