Coping with Death In the Family Gerald Schneiderman M.D.

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Gerald Schneiderman M.D. - Coping with Death In the Family краткое содержание

"A common sense guide for all age groups on how to live with the loss of a loved one." Dr. Gerald Schneiderman is on the staff of the Department of Psychiatry at the Hospital for Sick Children and is an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Pediatrics at the University of Toronto. His long term interest in fatal metabolic disease within the family and his work on the consequences of the death of a child within the family have led him to his present involvement with the research group studying the treatment of bereavement. "The book is far from frightening, rather a sensitive and objective look at how to deal with death with the help of others who have had to deal with it, in the context of family." – Sandra Naiman, The Toronto Sun . "This book does very well what it sets out to do. It is of value not only for bereaved family members, but also for counselors, psychotherapists, and all professionals…who deal with death and with the bereaved ones." – Joseph C. Finney, MD, JD, Loyola University, Stritch School of Medicine, Journal of Marital and Family Therapy . "Schneiderman has provided…workable ways to cope, not just with the stress of death, but also with the reality of life–being a survivor." – Stephen I. Katz, Ph.D, Veterans Administration Medical Center, Palo Alto, California, Family Process .

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